Friday, 20 October 2017


cakap cakap.....Late nights, Umno, Zahid and "oomph!".

I had a very late night last night. Then was awoken at 5.30 am by that infernal electronic device we cannot live without and yet will not want to live with! The smart phone..and as a result of that, was drawn to my Mac to do some "work"...fell asleep again and was awoken at 11.15am by my son. We had to get my wife ready for the respite care lady was coming in at 12 noon. At 70 you can still push yourself to do do what you must....but the "recovery" phase takes a while. It is now 1.19 pm and I am recovered. In between the "recovery" I managed to do three postings...and that does not include the "cakap cakap...Dzul go take a cold shower" that I wrote around 5.55 am this morning. So all in all...a good morning to blogging in spite of waking up so late. Not bad for a 70 year...if I may say so of myself!

Ok enough of that chit chat! 

The skulduggery within Umno today is simply mind boggling! There is of course that most pressing of matters : the race for Dedak! Everyone from the President to that Ketua Cawangan are up to their necks in the filth! The president must have the lion share because he not only has to keep plenty for himself and his greedy wife...there is also the family, cohorts, sahabats and the whole damm gang in Umno to take care of. Najib needs billions to stay afloat....and so everyone in Umno has to defer to Najib. HE GETS THE LION SHARE!

Then there is the ever perplexing question of who will be the next president when Najib goes. When everyone knows that Najib can go at any time....tomorrow, next week....entah lah aku pon tak berani nak when the president can go at any time....that matter of who will replace him becomes a matter of urgency! For sure Zahid Hamidi is the designated number was Musa Hitam, Gaffer Baba, Anwar Ibrahim, Mahyuddin ...and maybe history might tell was Zahid Hamidi! And Zahid Hamidi does not want to just be a footnote in history! No Sir...that tempeh eating Jawa has other plans! And if I know Zahid Hamidi....he has gone through some tough times...and for him, when the going gets tough...the tough within him gets going. And believe you me times are really tough for Zahid today! Get your Teh Tarik, order your Roti Canai...sit down with friends...wait and see!

Tun Dr Mahathir has got his hands full just trying to steer Harapan to where he thinks it should go. This is very hard to do when he does not have the financial resources that najib has ...and more telling...when Tun Dr Mahathir will not use any financial resources that he has to "buy" any elections. Sybas Tun...that is the way to go!

I forgot that I have not had my lunch....and it is way past lunchtime....and so to lunch I must go. People tell me that I am of those "key board warrior" that are a dime a dozen on the Net. That we may be....but  this blogging "thing" gives an "oomph" to my existence....and so I blog. What gives you that "oomph!?".


Din Lives in Hope!

Who told you that Hishamuddin will be the crown prince of Umno? 
Not the Infidels for sure!
Not the non-Malays.
Not me!

Clown prince maybe......

But he lives in hope....

Malaysia Chronicle



Here is some interesting news. 
MO1 has no intention of Zahid Hamidi succeeding him as the party president or as the PM. Come the next UMNO assembly they are going to engineer Zahid out of the picture.
If MO1 wins the general elections (which will be held before the UMNO elections) it is said that Zahid Hamidi will be completely left out in the post elections Cabinet reshuffle.
MO1 is afraid to move against Zahid now because it may cause upheavals and loss of some UMNO votes.  
The only possibility of MO1 removing Zahid Hamidi BEFORE the elections is if MO1 also steps down. 
In either scenario Zahid Hamidi is out of the picture.  Zahid Hamidi’s political career is coming to an end soon.
So the situation for Zahid and his henchmen is ‘Its now or never’.
Zahid and his henchmen have to make a move now or they will forever lose their chance of seeing Zahid Hamidi replacing MO1.
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Zahid Hamidi the pendatang tanpa izin from Jawa never dreamed of becoming a Minister. But this is Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh.  He never dreamed of becoming Prime Minister either.
But the PM’s Office is now just one heart beat away.  Sadly Zahid was never “inner circle”.  Not a blue blood or bangsawan. The son of Javanese pendatang haram.  There is no way the ‘inner circle’ is going to allow him to the PM’s position.
What can Zahid do ?  Minta kuih lah brader.
Say 200 million kuih talam?  Settle saja.